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Natural Ingredients: Our 2024 Trend Report

Natural Ingredients: Our 2024 Trend Report

In today's beauty landscape, consumers are increasingly discerning, seeking products that not only enhance their appearance but also resonate with their values.

Recent research (from Mintel) reveals that a staggering 73% of consumers are willing to invest more in personal care items containing natural ingredients. This significant preference underscores a growing demand for ethically sourced, organic oils, and brands with transparent supply chains.

At The Ingredients Store, we proudly lead this movement, championing responsible sourcing practices and empowering consumers to make informed choices about their skincare.

Now, let's delve into the key trends that have shaped the beauty industry in 2023 and anticipate the exciting developments awaiting us in 2024.

Elevating Your Beauty Routine: The Power of Edible Skincare

The global beauty ingestibles market is experiencing exponential growth, projected to reach $8.3 billion by 2030. Consumers are embracing inside-out beauty solutions, integrating protein and collagen-infused beauty bars and nutrient-rich bone broths into their daily rituals. This nutritional approach to skincare promises radiant results from within, reflecting a shift towards holistic wellness.

Protecting Your Skin Barrier: The Latest Obsession

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier has emerged as a paramount concern for skincare enthusiasts. With a surge in cosmetic ingredient launches, compounds like ceramides and niacinamide have garnered attention for their barrier-supporting properties. Natural oils such as Argan, Soyabean, and Peanut Oil are also gaining recognition for their ability to fortify and protect the skin barrier, reflecting a growing preference for gentle, nourishing skincare solutions.

2023's Beauty Heroes: Castor and Marula Oils

The demand for natural oil ingredients continues to soar, fuelled by both data-backed insights and social media influence. Castor oil witnessed an impressive 87% global sales surge, propelled by the popularity of DIY hair mask tutorials and celebrity endorsements. Similarly, Marula oil's hydrating and anti-aging benefits have elevated it to "holy grail" status among beauty enthusiasts worldwide, demonstrating the undeniable power of nature-inspired skincare solutions.

Personalisation is Paramount

Today's consumers crave personalised experiences tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Customised oil blends and educational resources empower individuals to curate skincare routines that cater to their specific concerns. At The Ingredients Store, we're committed to providing clients with access to natural ingredients supported by technical expertise, we have some of Europe's leading testing equipment and largest online technical database, ensuring personalised skincare solutions tailored to individual requirements.

Exploring Natural Alternatives to Collagen

While collagen remains a sought-after beauty ingredient, consumers are increasingly seeking natural and vegan-friendly alternatives. Rosehip Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, and Avocado Oil offer promising benefits for skin health and vitality, providing effective alternatives to traditional collagen-based products.

Looking Ahead: Future Trend Reports from The Ingredients Store

As we embark on the journey into 2024, we're thrilled to continue sharing our insights and expertise with you. Stay tuned for future trend reports from The Ingredients Store, where we'll delve deeper into emerging trends, innovative ingredients, and industry developments.

We'll help you unlock the secrets to beautiful, healthy skin in 2024 and beyond.

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